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We also undertake inhouse social-network focused projects, sometimes in collaboration with strategic partners and buld home-grown applications and projects that we run internally. These projects also form test-beds for innovation research and investigation new approaches to information and database design.

VisionStream IT solutions is highly committed to the peer and crowd-sources linkages offered by social network data. Our know-how and experience includes Graphics Design, Experience Design, Knowledge Management, Development Programming and deployment of Enterprise solutions based on Oracle Applications. Our team has leveraged this interest and expertise into many home-grown initiatives.

Some of our recent initiatives are:

Zone 3

Zone 3 is a VisionStream initiative that provides architects and engineers a platform to do 3-D simulation of design to foresee the un-built physical environments. These simulated images are an integral part of Presentations, Marketing and Design development process. Using sophisticated 3-D modeling and rendering technology, Zone-3 can simulate the design ideas to physically correct level. Through cost effective rates, Zone 3 offers a low cost alternative for in-house for Architectural Visualization projects.
» http://www.visionstream.com/zonethree


VisionStream’s latest initiative, SmileShare.com is an online community that provides a common platform for sharing photos, videos and discussions related to significant events in its user's lives. Through its ease of use, comprehensive feature set and partnerships with other networking sites SmileShare.com aims to become the ultimate destination for collecting, sharing and purchasing photos and videos, as well as a central repository for information and comments collected pertaining to these events. This is built on open-source stack with Oracle database backend developed in-house.
» http://smileshare.com

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