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We are technology specialists. What’s more, we are expert mentors who know how to help. At VisionStream Solutions™, we provide mission critical Design and Technology services to small and medium-sized businesses.

From 3D Visualization and graphics design, network design to software instruction and web development, business productivity to Oracle implementations, our highly skilled, fully certified specialists offer a wide range of services to fulfill the needs of virtually every business. Best of all, we can bring our services from our office as well as at the client’s location in order to provide the most personalized service available in the industry today. Our hands-on, individually customized, one-on-one ‘mentoring’ approach produces excellent results for our clients.

Business Intelligence

Global Reach. Thought Leadership. Hard Hitting Solutions.

At VisionStream business consulting, our team applies innovative thinking, practical tools & services and high powered technology to unearth business value, define a plan of action and solve your business issues.

With decades of deep business process knowledge and industry-specific expertise, our consultants can pinpoint the answers that have the most impact for your business. Our consultants pride themselves in their ability to implement innovative enterprise solutions that deliver a rapid return on investment and tangible, long-term benefits.

At VisionStream, we provide high quality service to our corporate clients. We have achieved a unique position in the ERP software implementation market. We are a solutions provider with experience in a variety of industries with expertise in Oracle e-Business Suite. We also provide training in Oracle Applications E-Business Suite.

Design for the Internet

New Media Design has evolved into a ubiquitous communication and services medium. With the understanding that the internet is truly a pervasive medium especially after the dotcom boom and subsequent self-analysis, many new ideas proposed the building of a universal platform that offers useful and networked services to users. This lead to the idea of Web2.0 as a medium for social sharing and participation. Since then, almost every business has seen the need to embrace the new internet medium to be able to grow in its market. As the medium evolves further into a more self-aware and intelligent channel, designers and businesses alike need to understand these trends and be able to apply them for furthering their growth and vision.

At VisionStream, our associates have extensive experience and understanding of current technologies, approaches and trends, which they use throughout the creative processes in tandem with our clients. Many of our principals and partners have graduate degrees in eminent educational institutions like Parsons School of Design, New York and New Jersey Institute of Technology. The rigor and depth of learning at these institutions have helped provide a strong foundation to build any type of project.

Our approach has been applied towards customized e-commerce systems, social networking platforms, portfolio sites, database-driven content management solutions, portals and community sites. Our collective experience includes proprietary as well as open-source technologies. Web technologies include, PHP, ASP, PERL, Coldfusion and recent experiements in RAILS, with supporting technologies like XML, AJAX etc. With experience in most current database platforms like mySQL, Oracle, MS MSQL, we can provide a comprehensive and knowledgeable solution for any of your technology needs.


With leadership that is solidly rooted in decades of experience in IT services, VisionStream has developed a strong advantage other service providers. It is estimated that over 11.4 billion small to medium sized business (SMB) account for approximately 31-45% of all spending for IT services in the US today.

VisionStream is fast becoming the most trusted “One Stop Shopping” source for IT services for this burgeoning SMB market in the NY-NJ region. We began implanting a robust strategic plan towards this goal, a plan that is yielding results already.

Small businesses have unique needs for IT systems, and are faced with a problem for IT support. Such businesses are as yet not large enough for enterprise-level software/hardware support, but have expanded beyond their small-office-home-office or low scale beginnings. Often IT services are a big cost factor and a full-time in-house IT specialist is not affordable.

VisionStream steps into this gap with scaleable solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our strategy and tactical intervention helps businesses run a smooth and stable IT Infrastructure furthering your business goals and success. Technology expertise at VisionStream enables your IT-related decisions and with regular maintenance tasks, upgrade paths, software and hardware analysis, budget preparation and even various business process related research projects.

Our specialists have extensive training in all the mainstream and specialist operating systems, business and graphics software, server software and hardware, with years of knowledge and experience in troubleshooting gained from working in many different environments, from design in interactive and architectural environments, publishing houses and media, to financial institutions.

Design & Construction

VisionStream owns, operates and develops assets concentrated in leading urban and suburban markets in and around north and central New Jersey. Our mixed-use operating portfolio comprises approximately 500,000 square feet of high-quality retail, multifamily and institutional assets, all of which are accessible by public transport and commuting distance to New York. With a focus on placemaking, we drive synergies across the portfolio and create amenity-rich, walkable neighborhoods.

VisionStream Projects

We also undertake inhouse social-network focused projects, sometimes in collaboration with strategic partners and buld home-grown applications and projects that we run internally. These projects also form test-beds for innovation research and investigation new approaches to information and database design.

VisionStream IT solutions is highly committed to the peer and crowd-sources linkages offered by social network data. Our know-how and experience includes Graphics Design, Experience Design, Knowledge Management, Development Programming and deployment of Enterprise solutions based on Oracle Applications. Our team has leveraged this interest and expertise into many home-grown initiatives.


VisionStream LLC

3996 County Rd 516 #106,Matawan, NJ 07747, USA
T. 973-596-0300 E. info@visionstream.com


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